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The first time I was hired as a wedding photographer it was just me, the bride & groom and their two best friends. A courthouse wedding followed by a walk on the town. It was a simple affair, but so sweet and gosh did we have a great day. I loved the job and I loved them and they loved me and so, I became a wedding photographer.


Weddings are beautiful, inspiring and exhilarating and I'm there to capture and preserve these moments for the rest of your life. Between my own wedding and attending many others, I know how fast the day goes by. Mostly though, I know how important it is to have quality, professional pictures to remember it by. There will be a lot of photographs from your wedding day but the ones I give you are the ones that wow.

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2 hour engagement photo session & get-to-know-you event
6 hours of wedding day coverage
Shareable Online Photo Gallery
Dropbox folder with downloadable, shareable files

ImageKind Gallery for unframed, framed and canvas-wrapped prints

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