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I am so lucky to have grown up with miles of woods to play in behind my house. Oh, how I explored the land and fell in love with nature. By the time my Mom and Dad bought me my first camera, I was more than ready to take the leap into landscape photography.


I remember showing my Dad one of my first ever pictures of a sunset from those woods. He held it for a while, studied it and proclaimed, "Hey! You're pretty good!" From that day forward, I was a landscape photographer.


I can't help but find beauty in nearly everything. My photography is about capturing that beauty, then presenting it how I hold the moment in my mind. Optimism through the lens.


Each of these photographs are very special to me and it makes me immensely proud to share them with you. Thank you for looking at my art and enjoy your day.

Professionally framed and canvas-wrapped prints may be purchased by clicking on individual images, then customizing your order. Thank you.


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