When it came to 8th grade math class with Mr. Destache, I wasn't exactly jumping for joy.  I was never good at math.  I liked art class and recess much better.  I didn't have much choice though, so when it was time, I shuffled in with the rest of the class and found my seat.


I remember looking at my math book, not at all interested in what was inside but with what was on the cover.  It was a fantastic colorful sunrise over a vast mountain landscape of glacial streams and wildflowers and "MARK!!!  ... please read the first problem on page 256. "


It was in that moment I knew I was destined to be a dreamer and I've been living my dreams ever since. I am a photographer based in Portland, Oregon with a passion for photographing epic landscapes, city views and all things awesome. I specialize in landscape, travel, architectural, engagement and wedding photography.


Want a photographer who specializes in awesome?

CONTACT ME ❖ mark.c.cullen@gmail.com


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